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Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon sinuplasty is an endoscopic surgical procedure for treating chronic sinusitis or blocked sinuses often performed by Dr. Shervin Aminpour of L.A. ENTs. This remarkable sinusitis treatment has achieved consistently outstanding results for countless patients, while requiring little or no anesthesia and a minimal recovery time. This treatment is performed in place of vastly more invasive surgeries that involved general anesthesia and fairly lengthy and involved recovery processes.


If you suffer from chronic sinusitis, you know that this condition can seriously impact your quality of life, causing a range of symptoms from sinus headaches to fatigue and halitosis (bad breath). It's a condition that should be addressed and this new and surprisingly simple treatment is, for many people, the best way to address it. Most health insurance companies will cover all or part of balloon sinuplasty cost under most circumstances.

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When performing balloon sinuplasty, Dr. Aminpour will insert a catheter through the nostril into the sinus opening. A sinus guide wire is also introduced into the targeted sinus, providing light transmission that will help the physicians to ensure correct placement of the guide catheter. Once access to the intended location is confirmed, a balloon catheter is introduced into the sinus cavity and inflated to open the narrow or blocked passage.

Some of the benefits of the balloon sinuplasty procedure include:

  • Eliminates or vastly reduces the incidence of sinus headaches.
  • A nasal congestion treatment that works by clearing nasal passageways. You’ll be breathing so easily, so fast!
  • Prevents future sinus infections.
  • Minimally invasive – no actual incisions are made and bone and tissue are left intact.
  • Only light sedation or anesthetic is required in most cases, and most patients report little discomfort.
  • Minimal balloon sinuplasty recovery time is required – many patients are able to return to work within 24 hours.

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These benefits represent a marked improvement over traditional sinuplasties, which are performed with general anesthesia and involve a relatively lengthy and involved recovery time. Moreover, the recovery process from the traditional surgery involves dressings which often need to be changed regularly.

As groundbreaking as balloon sinuplasty procedure is, the quality of the medical talent performing it is also crucial. With many years of experience studying and working with sinus-related concerns, including sinusitis, nasal congestion, and allergies, Dr. Aminpour is the kind of ear nose and throat doctor Los Angeles patients trust. They are widely respected expert surgeons and medical specialists with vast experience, making them the specialists in balloon sinuplasty Los Angeles patients turn to first. Dr. Aminpour has accumulated a rich knowledge of how to safely and effectively complete surgery on nasal passages.

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While the procedure can be an exceptionally effective way to clear sinuses for many patients, Dr. Aminpour points out that it is not necessarily the right choice for everyone and, though rarely an issue, balloon sinuplasty risks do exist. In general, patients diagnosed with chronic sinusitis who are not responding well to medications may be candidates for sinus surgery. The doctor is happy to discuss your particular sinus concerns, as well as your potential candidacy for balloon sinuplasty.

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For questions regarding the sinuplasty, balloon sinuplasty cost, or any other ear, nose or throat concerns, contact L.A. ENTs.

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