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People all over America experience the signs of allergies: nonstop sneezing, sinus headaches, runny noses and watery eyes. When a person is prone to allergies, these can attack at any time and sometimes during the worst circumstances. If this sounds familiar to you, it’s possible that you are allergic to something that is routinely in your environment, such as pet dander, plants or dust mites. Los Angeles allergy doctor, Shervin Aminpour, attacks allergies viciously by first finding the exact cause. From there, treatment is usually a breeze, giving patients total relief from their allergy symptoms.

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However, the symptoms commonly associated with allergies may actually indicate another condition entirely. As an example, chronic sinusitis produces headaches, postnasal drip, runny nose and sneezing. At first glance, this is clearly an allergy, especially since that is a condition people are generally more familiar with. However, sinusitis is very different from allergies and must be treated in a different fashion. Therefore, when it comes to allergy testing, the first step is to find out if it’s an allergy in the first place.


The first step is a consultation with our Los Angeles ENT doctor, Dr. Aminpour. During this time, he places a strong emphasis on a 100% accurate diagnosis, as this is what will allow proper treatment to occur. He will take all the time necessary to be certain of the source of your symptoms. In some cases, he may find that the cause is not an allergy at all, but rather some other condition. In either case, diagnosis is the first crucial step on the road to recovery.

If your condition is an allergy, Dr. Aminpour will perform further testing to find the exact allergen and how your body reacts. In this way, he can recommend treatment that not only eliminates the allergy symptoms, but also helps prevent future allergies from occurring.

If you are experiencing symptoms relating to the ear, nose and throat, Dr. Aminpour is here to help. As a board-certified otolaryngologist, he can diagnose and treat the entire spectrum of ENT conditions. If you think your child may have allergies, don't hesitate to contact us, as Dr. Aminpour specializes in pediatric ENT services and can diagnose this condition in your child. Please give us a call at any time, and we will answer your questions or set an appointment.

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