Taste & Smell Disorder Treatment

Partial or total loss of smell and taste or distortions in odors or flavors can be frustrating. These taste and smell disorders can have multiple causes.

If you find that your ability to taste or smell has reduced either gradually or suddenly, it is important to get a professional evaluation from the leading Los Angeles ENT specialist, Dr. Aminpour.

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What are taste and smell disorders?

Taste and smell disorders are common conditions that can be either temporary or permanent. Some of the possible causes include injuries, genetic factors, exposure to some chemicals or upper respiratory infections.

Taste disorders are classified into:

  • Hypogeusia - In this, the ability of the sufferer to taste strong flavors is impaired.
  • Dysgeusia - This condition refers to an abnormal sense of taste
  • Ageusia - In this, there is a total loss of taste.

Smell disorders are grouped as:

  • Anosmia - This is the most common disorder related to smell where there is a total loss of smell.
  • Hyperosmia - A heightened sensitivity to smell
  • Dysosmia -The sense of smell in this condition is distorted, and the sufferer can smell non-existent unpleasant odors

While these disorders may not be serious, they affect the quality of life where the individual is not able to enjoy food or appreciate pleasant smells.

How are taste and smell disorders treated?

When you visit our top rated Los Angeles ENT specialist, Dr. Aminpour, he will first conduct a thorough evaluation of your medical, allergy, and medication history. As there can be multiple causes behind these disorders, determining the root cause is crucial to designing an accurate treatment plan. To that end, board-certified ENT specialist, Dr. Aminpour will conduct a thorough physical exam and order diagnostics such as CT scan, sinus or nasal endoscopy, olfactory function testing if required.

When smoking is the cause behind the disorder, the doctor will counsel on quitting while helping in finding a smoking cessation program. Similarly, if the doctor determines certain medications are behind the disorders, the doctor will modify the patient’s prescription.

In the case of nasal polyps, sinusitis, or deviated septum causing taste and smell disorders, the top-rated Los Angeles ENT specialist will address it with suitable treatments such as Sinuva implant, surgery (balloon sinuplasty, endoscopic sinus surgery) or other options.

Who is a candidate for smell and taste disorder treatment?

If you have been experiencing a gradual or sudden loss of smell or taste, or have a distorted sense of smell or taste, you may be a candidate for the treatment. Visiting Dr. Aminpour is the best way to know the root cause of your impaired ability to taste or smell and to understand your candidacy.

What will it feel like after treatment?

When the root cause is treated, most patients are able to find an improvement in their sense of smell and taste that contributes to a better quality of life.

Why choose Dr. Aminpour?

Dr. Aminpour is invested in the use of advanced treatments that bring holistic relief from acute to chronic conditions that affect your sense of smell and taste. As an accredited, accomplished ear, nose, and throat doctor in Los Angeles, Dr. Aminpour offers comprehensive, effective treatments based on a thorough and accurate evaluation of the condition.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Aminpour today to experience maximum relief from taste and smell disorders.

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