Hearing Loss

While hearing loss is typically associated with age, it can actually occur at any time. When it does occur, it drastically decreases quality of life, both in social situations and by oneself. Patients who experience hearing loss should know that they don’t have to suffer in silence. At the office of Dr. Shervin Aminpour, we see such patients every day, giving them effective solutions to treat loss of hearing, allowing them to live fuller, more beautiful lives.

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Hearing loss causes

When it comes to hearing loss, there are exact causes that can be precisely diagnosed by Dr. Shervin Aminpour. Once these are diagnosed, treatment can begin, giving patients an opportunity to experience life at a higher volume. With his comprehensive knowledge of problems occurring with the ear, Dr. Aminpour is a trusted ear nose and throat doctor in Los Angeles to countless patients with hearing problems.

Causes of hearing loss include:

  • Damage to the inner ear, which can come from aging or loud noises.
  • Gradual buildup of earwax can affect people of all ages. When it occurs, the ear canal will not receive sound, preventing the patient from hearing well.
  • Ear infection can keep patients from hearing at full volume.
  • A ruptured eardrum, which can be caused by loud blasts or noises, sudden changes in pressure, or poking the eardrum with an object, can damage the hearing.

Hearing loss treatment

Did you know Dr. Aminpour is a licensed hearing aid dispenser? Find out more about hearing aids here. At the office of Dr. Shervin Aminpour, we don’t want our patients to continue suffering from loss of hearing. We can rapidly and accurately diagnose the source of the problem, allowing Dr. Aminpour to prescribe an exact treatment to give you back your hearing. If you suffer from hearing loss and are looking for among the best ENTs Los Angeles offers, Dr. Shervin Aminpour may be the right fit. Please call our office today to set an appointment.

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