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Hearing loss can result in a feeling of isolation in social situations. Background noise in a crowded environment such as a restaurant, wedding reception or a holiday party makes it very difficult to carry on a normal conversation. The effect of this is a gradual withdrawal from these challenging environments and the isolation that results from avoiding groups of people.

Choosing a Hearing Aid with LAENTs - Los Angeles Hearing Aid Dispenser

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The right hearing aid can remedy this problem by reducing background noise and separating out low and high frequency sounds so that individual words can be understood. Dr Aminpour employs on his staff a licensed audiologist and licensed hearing aid dispenser in Los Angeles who are fully up-to-date on the latest advancements in hearing aid technology. They will consult with you on your unique hearing difficulties and successfully guide you in deciding if a hearing aid is right for you. In this way the right hearing aid can be recommended in relation to the specific type of hearing loss being experienced.

Finding the Best Hearing Aid

Dr. Shervin Aminpour, is a board certified otolaryngologist, or ENT. His medical practice is focused on helping those with disorders of the ears, nose and throat. When hearing loss cannot be corrected through his medical or surgical means, Dr. Aminpour's specialized hearing aid staff will help patients select the right hearing aid for their circumstances.

Hearing aids have become very sophisticated incorporating digital technology, microchip technology with remote control functions. LAENTs hearing aid doctors in Los Angeles sees adults and children who have special needs when it comes to hearing loss correction.

Successfully Transitioning to a Hearing Aid

From hearing aids that sit entirely in the ear canal, to those that are worn behind the ear and are visible, the range of choices is formidable. Hearing aids are limited in their ability to correct certain types of hearing loss so the choice involves many factors such as type of hearing loss, aesthetic concerns, features and price point. All hearing aids have the capacity to improve hearing by reducing background noise and strengthening soft sounds. Helping the patient achieve success in wearing a hearing aid requires support until it becomes an everyday aid to a better life as in wearing corrective lenses.

Adjusting to a hearing aid takes time. At Dr. Aminpour’s ENT practice, patients are supported during the transition period to ensure they understand how to get the most out of their device, and how to overcome the challenges presented when learning a new skill.

Comparing Hearing Aid Styles

Completely in the ear canal, or CIC, hearing aids have the advantage of being almost invisible but may lack the power needed for more than moderate hearing loss. They are less likely to register wind noise, but lack volume control and the capacity to direct sound. Due to their small size, changing batteries can be difficult.

Another inconspicuous option is an ITC, or in the ear canal hearing aid. It is custom made to fit in the ear canal and improves mild to moderate hearing loss. It is more feature rich than a CIC hearing aid but can be difficult to adjust and shares the same difficulty when changing batteries.

For those with moderate to severe hearing loss, an in the ear hearing aid is another option. An ITE is made in two styles, one that covers most of the outer ear and one that covers the lower part only. This type of hearing aid is custom made and includes volume control and directional microphones. This style is more visible but is easier to insert and is easier to handle when changing batteries.

A universally adaptable style is the behind the ear hearing aid, or BTE. It hooks over the ear with a custom earpiece that fits in the canal. This style is used for children and adults with any type of hearing loss. It is more visible but has a much greater ease of use.

One of the most popular styles is an open fit hearing aid. This style allows greater ease in conversing in crowded areas by keeping the ear canal open so low frequency sound can enter the ear canal naturally. The hearing aid amplifies higher frequency sound and because the ear canal is not plugged, speech sounds more natural to the user. It is used for a wide range of hearing loss, from mild to profound. It is a popular style due to being less visible than many other types of hearing aid. Because of the smaller size, changing batteries can be difficult.

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Rely on an extensively trained hearing aid doctor when considering a hearing aid

People who are considering a hearing aid naturally depend on a knowledgeable ENT doctor in the Los Angeles area to help them choose the best option. LAENTs is focused on helping hearing loss patients recover as much of their hearing as possible so they can remain engaged in social activities. Choosing the correct hearing aid is a science and LAENTs has the training and technical knowledge to help patients navigate through the many choices available. Schedule a consultation today with arguably the best hearing aid dispenser Los Angeles has to offer.

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