Treatments for Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion is rarely a condition by itself—it is usually caused by something else, requiring treatment of the underlying condition. For patients suffering from persistent nasal congestion, Dr. Aminpour’s extensive testing will find the source. Once that is done, he can administer correct treatment to provide patients with lasting relief. Treatment options for nasal congestion include:

Balloon Sinuplasty

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As a breakthrough procedure in addressing chronic conditions of the sinuses, balloon sinuplasty is a minimally invasive, outpatient technique that effectively treats inflamed sinuses. It is often done in less than 20 minutes, allowing patients to continue their day with improved breathing and improved quality of life.

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A deviated septum can create awful symptoms or no symptoms at all. In more severe cases, a deviated septum can result in difficulty breathing, nasal congestion, sinus infections and headaches. Dr. Aminpour has a long record of fixing deviated septums, and he can fix yours to bring relief from nasal congestion.

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Turbinate Reduction

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The turbinates are small ridges within the nasal canal, serving to clean air before it moves into your lungs. In some cases, they can become swollen, preventing smooth airflow and causing a buildup of mucus. Turbinate reduction is a popular procedure due to its immediate relief and minimal downtime.

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Allergy Testing

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Allergies come in all levels of severity. Additionally, they come from many different causes. The testing process is almost as important as treatment itself, as it allows Dr. Aminpour to find the exact source of the problem. From there, he can easily deliver among the best allergy treatment Los Angeles has available.

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Allergy Therapy

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Clinically known as allergen immunotherapy, allergy therapy is the only medical treatment that directly targets the source, not just the symptoms of allergies. Through a gradual process, Dr. Aminpour can accustom your immune system to allergens, effectively halting the symptoms of allergies.

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Propel Device

Dr. Aminpour is proud to offer a new groundbreaking device called Propel. Propel is a small ring-shaped implant designed to expand your sinuses after chronic sinusitis nasal surgery. Learn more about how it works and check out its amazing benefits today.

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Dr. Aminpour now offers a non-surgical solution to reduce nasal congestion and nasal polyps called Sinuva. Not only does it help with breathing, but it also delivers medicine to treat nasal polyps. Find out more today.

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If you find that pulling your cheek helps you breathe through your nose, you may be a candidate for Latera Nasal Implants. Latera is an absorbable nasal implant that provides support and helps patients restore breathing functions.

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